Image of tools for working with timber
A few tools for working with timber

If you are a do-it-yourself freak like most Australians are turning out to be, there several must-have tools for working with timber that you should have with you when making or repairing wood floors at home. These tools each have a specific role in your work and so it is important to keep them in good condition, as you might need them again. Let us look at some of them.


Hammer/claw hammer

The hammer is one of the most essential tools for working with timber. It has two ends – one end has the claw and the other end has a round shaped head. This claw hammer is used to drive in nails into wood and remove nails from it. One should balance the hammer with a strong grip for easy control. The handles are of different types. Some are wooden while others have rubber on them to reduce friction.

Tape measure

You can get one that is at least 25 feet in length. This tool helps you make accurate measurements when you cut wood or where to place an object. Remember, you will have to cut timber into different fitting lengths. Don’t estimate, measure accurately.


There are different types of chisels. It is better to have a few different types as they may come in handy. They are mostly used for carving wood and for cleaning out joints. The best chisels are made from chromium-vanadium and carbon-steel alloys. For control and maximum use, you will need to use both hands. One is advised to keep them sharp and apply oil to the metal for satisfactory results.

Block plane

This is also another one of the most important tools for working with timber. It is used to flatten wood, curve or square it. Always keep the blade of the block plane sharp. A screw holds the blade in its position and you can therefore adjust the length of the plane to the size that you want.


This tool is mainly used to cut wood. It is held by one hand that grips the handle. The blade should be sharp enough to make cutting easy. There are a number of different saws that are essential in your work. They include tenon saw, dovetail saw, hand miter saw among others.

Nail set

They are used to drive in nail heads into the head. Nail sets come in different sizes as each plays its role. A nail setter has a concave or convex shape to grip the nail and preventing it from sliding off and damaging the wood.

woodworking calipers

A set of caliper is essential for making accurate measurements. Some are made of plastic, which are relatively cheaper while others are made of metal and these (metal) ones are mostly recommended. Wood calipers are usually f-shaped and are used to measure the outer part of an object. The other side that has an “F” appearance measures the inside of openings. A screw is manipulated to either tighten or loosen the caliper.

Screw driver

The various types of screwdrivers include flat-head, slot, star drivers and torx drivers. Quality woodwork requires that you have a set of these drivers. Most of them are made from soft metal and therefore should be handled gently. Small and medium sized screwdrivers work well when used on cabinets and other tight places. It can also be used to tighten screws in other woodwork machinery.

Other essential tools for working with timber that you should have include nail punch, very important for driving nails in when you are repairing your timber floor, for example.

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