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Floor sanding and floor polishing

There are good and bad sides to installing a timber floor in your home. Granted, everything has its pros and cons and for the timber flooring, the pros are more than the cons. However, note that unless you find floor sanding and polishing services, your floor will lose its luster over time.

You can do your own floor sanding and polishing, but it is always much better to let the professionals do it for you for a few reasons. Firstly, you may not know how to do proper sanding, if you haven’t done it before. Secondly, you do not have the right equipment for the job.

Why you need to hire experts for your floor sanding and floor polishing needs

Thankfully, a professional floor sanding company like P&T Floor Sanding and Polishing in Brisbane will come to your assistance when you need to keep your timber floor looking as good as new. Remember, a good floor will not only look good and impressive to your guests, but it will also increase the value of your home. On the same note, your home is your haven, that is where you come back in the evening to relax after a stressful day in the office. The last thing that you want o see then is an ugly, unpolished and unkempt floor.

P&T aren’t the only people in Australia who offer floor sanding and floor polishing services. There are many others. However, you should never hire a tradie blindly. You should take care of a few things. Make sure you get a floor sanding company which offers the following:

  • will give you free, no obligation quotes online
  • easy to contact and good communicators
  • at least 10 years in the industry
  • be covered by insurance and therefore should anything untoward happen in your place, you shall not be held liable for any injuries.

Even of you are considering hiring other companies, you should ask the right questions. Consider the years of experience, and their reputation with the people that they have served before.

Why call the experts for floor sanding and floor polishing?

Is your floor old and you would like it to look as good as new? Floor sanding and polishing will do the trick. I know P&T have maintained and revived floors that were older than 100 years. Whether yours is parquetry, pine flooring, engineered flooring or brand new flooring board, they will give it the perfect and long lasting floor sanding effect.


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