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Orbital sander is one of the recommended floor sanding machines

Drum and orbital sanders are the two main types of floor sanding machines. Drum sanders are mostly put in use when floor refinishing is required. They are specifically designed to perform their job at a very high speed, thus reducing the strain and saving time. However, as virtually any machine has a demerit; drum sanders performance is not assured in all places – there are places where it is not the most preferred choice as a sander.

The drum floor sanding machines – drum sander

Basically, a drum sander is made up of an 8-inch drum with a 20-inch long sandpaper sheet locked into its jaws. The main purpose of the rotating drum is to excellently eliminate any traces of age-old and unnecessary finishes. On a negative note, drum sanders can leave behind clearly visible sanding scratches on your floor area. This is especially the case if you chose the right angled sanding in relation to the wood grain. As such it is advisable that you choose the orbital floor sander to accomplish the task at such a time, as it can do the task nice and smoothly. Slow but sure!

What is an Orbital Sander?

Orbital sander, on the other hand, is composed of a 12-inch wide by 18-inch long special sanding pad capable of a back and forth oscillation and moving in an orbit manner. The main reason for this movement is to eliminate any possible chances of repeated occurrence of sand scratching, making it a safer sander as compared to the drum sander for use in cross grain sanding.

Orbital Sander: Pros

In case the hallway of your house, the pantry or even the entry is designed in such a way that all the flooring activities are only possible when run at an angle that is not supported by the drum floor sanding machines, only the orbital sander will be suitable to tackle the task. Also, the orbital sander is advantageous in comparison to the drum sander, given that the orbital sander’s paper movement is at a minimized rate, making it impossible to leave behind some sanding marks that characterize the drum sander.

Orbital floor sanding machines – The cons

What makes the orbital sanders less preferable is their gradual speed when used to accomplish the task. If you opt for orbital sanders, it will take you longer to finish the sanding task that should have taken just minutes with the drum sander to be through. In this regard, it is estimated that the orbital floor sanders are up to ten times less popular than the drum floor sanders.

Orbital Sander vs. Drum Sander

If your floor sanding job can comfortably be handled using either the orbital floor sander or the drum sander, our advise is that you make the drum sander your ultimate choice. The sander will save you a lot of resources and at the same time, you will have your work accomplished effortlessly within a shorter time. For the jobs that cannot be handled by drum sanders, go for the orbital floor sanding machines.

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