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One of the most important timber machines for various purposes

There is no clearly set outline that should be adopted when setting up the first workshop. However, at the same time, there are basic considerations that are universally acceptable. Depending on the type of workshop and the purpose that it will serve, ideal workshop varies accordingly. For example if you intend to set up a workshop as a hobby, it is advisable that you keep it simple and located in warm and friendly surroundings. You can even decide to convert that decades-old garage or the unabated room area in your home. On the other hand, a workshop intended for business should involve carefully designed framework and should have the right timber machines –  both heavy and light tools.

What You Should Consider when buying timber machines to get started

So what exactly are some of the considerations you need to observe when setting up your first workshop? Most importantly, choose the location that you would like to set it up. For many timber work enthusiasts, the garage area is just perfect. If you have a large one, you should set up some space for the workshop activities. The chosen area should be accessible effortlessly, in case you would like to do some restock.

Always remember that having a disorganized or untidy workshop especially full of sharp machinery can be life threatening. You should purpose to make proper arrangements to the workshop and have a good knowledge of the exact location of your machinery and tools so that you can easily avert the imminent danger. It will also save you time and you will really enjoy your woodworking experience.

If you opt to start building the workshop from the beginning, it is assumed that the basic requirements including electricity and plumbing services are there already, even before you can think of timber machines. The woodwork workshop should be physically accessible, with the entrance wide enough to allow heavy machinery movement. Ideally, it is recommended that you opt for the ground floor to avoid hustles that arise when you need to move heavy objects or timber.

Virtually every fully functional workshop involves regular deliveries of the required materials to get the job done. In addition, the finished products, which can at times be a little heavy – will need to get out of the workshop eventually. How then will this be possible if your workshop is upstairs? Think about it!

Timber machines for your workshop

Timber machines come in all shapes and sizes. However, the good thing is that some of them can be bough as second hand easily, in the city of Melbourne. Note that you cannot start a commercial workshop without the right machines. In addition, if you would like to be giving services like floor sanding, flooring installation and so on, you will need the right machines for the job. Floor sanders – these could be belt sanders, orbital sanders, drum sanders and others, will come in handily to get you started in business.

While some timber machines can be bought online, perhaps that is not a very good idea, as they would cost you much more. If you can find what you need locally, it is much better to buy it locally. Here, we will get you everything you need to get your workshop up and running. How much money do you have? You should never exceed your budget.

Band saw, beam saw, chain saws, dove-tailers, drill press, clamps and jigs, finishing and polishing machines, engravers and markers, end matcher machines and so many others can be found readily in the secondhand market. However, there are a few essential ones like floor sanders, edgers, paint, spray and glue machines that you can buy first and then the rest can come as your workshop expands.


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